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Music resources for your family


Beth's Notes

A rich resource of folk songs and videos from all around the world. You can find songs grouped in categories such as lullabies, movement/dance, holidays, and games just to name a few. Follow Beth on Instagram and Facebook for fun ideas!

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Stephanie Leavell

Sign up for Stephanie's FREE 5 most popular children's songs and FREE monthly music sent to your email inbox. You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram for fun ideas as well!

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Nancy Music

Nancy Stewart

A rich selection of songs with activities written by singer-songwriter Nancy Steart on a variety of topics, and they are FREE to download and share.  You can also find more fun on her YouTube channel.

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Clap for Classics

Elizabeth Nixon

Get to know classical music with your family in a fun and exciting way through this video-based curriculum with a monthly membership fee. Follow Elizabeth on Instagram for fun family musical ideas. If you enjoy podcasts, you don't want to miss an episode on the Clap for Classics podcast found on Spotify.

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